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Blastoff Web Solutions is an outsourcing company based in Goa, India. We specialize in cross-platform mobile applications and complex, hosted, Software as a Service applications that are maintainable, reliable and fast.

In most outsourcing companies each project is treated as a one-off with the focus on delivering the application to spec but without any thought as to how the application will change and grow. In fact, the more unmaintainable the code is, the more work there will be in making changes. This guarantees revenue streams, profits and gainful employment... for themselves.

We think there's a better way. We want to be your partner not just a vendor. We will endeavour to make software decisions that ensure your app grows and changes easily, is delivered when we say it will and works reliably. We think great companies build relationships and partners not just profits.

We are firm believers in Agile Development Processes and the importance of clean, simple web design.