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Your Offshore Team

We know you have lots of outsourcing companies to choose from but we're different.. no really!

We think about the ENTIRE LIFE CYCLE of the software not just the early milestones. This means our code goes through a rigorous code review process, we structure all code using best of breed frameworks such as CodeIgniter and Symfony (so all the code is consistently structured) and we use design patterns, which are tried and true solutions to commonly re-occurring problems in software development.

We specialize in cross-platform mobile applications and Software-as-a-Service apps where one code base supports multiple clients each doing their own thing. Indrajit Chowdhury, the founder of Blastoff, has spent more than 10 years architecting and building software-as-a-service ecommerce and content management systems and understands this domain at a very deep level. This means, with his guidance, you can take edge of cutting edge tools and techniques such as Amazon cloud based hosting, NOSQL databases and multi-site software systems to build cloud-based software you can rent, just like We also use Xamarin which is a technology that allows us to write mobile applications in .NET and deploy them to both Apple iPhones and Google Android phones using mostly the same code while still creating apps that look and feel like Native applications.